Statement from Management

Federal Steel management believes they have the responsibility to employees and customers and their families to ensure a safe and healthy work program. A successful program starts with management’s dedication and by empowering each and every team member with the ability to stop work and discuss the situation if they are uncomfortable or see a danger to others or property. We must consistently deliver safety awareness and recognition to maintain momentum toward safety goals. The rewards of practicing a successful safety program are immense but preventing injury of fellow employees is a reward that has no boundaries.

Statement from Safety Committee

Safety is a core value at Federal Steel. Working with structural steel is one of the most dangerous jobs in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Our employees are our greatest and most valued asset. It is a tenet of Federal Steel management that we have the responsibility to our employees, clients, and customers, and their families to ensure a comprehensive health and safety program. Federal Steel has a total commitment to safety through all levels, from top company leadership to craftsmen, from office management to staff.

Federal Steel brings its safety culture to every job site. This safety culture promotes an environment where workers know they matter and are empowered to create a safer workplace. Stopping unsafe work and re-evaluating the situation is the responsibility of each employee. Safety is preplanned into each project, each job site, and each job or task every day.

As a condition of employment, each employee is expected to perform his or her duties injury-free. Safety orientation and training begin on the very first day of employment. Each employee understands that “at-risk behavior” is unacceptable. Working safely is our way of life. These expectations are continually communicated to our employees at all levels. A system of employee recognition and awards for outstanding safety service has been established.

Employee engagement and training are essential. Every employee takes an active part in preventing, correcting, and reporting health and safety hazards.

The rewards of maintaining a successful and exemplary safety program are immense. Our clients and customers can rest assured that Federal Steel employees rank the highest caliber and most safety-conscious in the industry.